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Enterprise Wi-fi

Coverage Matters

Rock-solid internet access isn’t just for watching Netflix. Every application to run your facility relies on web access. Downtime equals lost profits. Unreliable signal equals lost time, poorly functioning tools, and increased frustration. Coverage and support for large facilities require intentional effort and niche expertise. Plainly speaking, it’s critical to hire someone who knows enterprise hardware configuration, commercial Wi-Fi application, and enterprise-grade network security to take care of your Wi-Fi needs. When every metric used to sustain and grow your business is reliably available, you are equipped to make great decisions. With careful planning, beautiful installation and 24/7 monitoring, we make sure you’re rock solid.

Wi-Fi Network Design

Wi-Fi Network Design

There are things we should do ourselves and there are things that should be left to the experts. For example, most of us possess the ability to learn how to wrestle an alligator, but that doesn’t mean we should try to wrestle a gator if we find one in our home pool. We should call the professionals to come out and safely transport it to a more favorable (to everyone) location. Designing an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network is similar, except the potential for limb loss is not generally associated with security risks that come with IT training. Do yourself a favor and let us wrestle the gator for you; assuming we are sticking with the analogy. If it’s a real alligator, we will follow our own principles laid out in this paragraph and summon other experts.

Wi-Fi Network Applications

Wi-Fi Network Applications

Your Wi-Fi network is as necessary as electricity to your business. Wireless internet access is now a utility. It is assumed available and is used by nearly every device we use to manage our business and daily life. It is the gateway to anything and everything you want to know or learn. The capability of today’s technology allows us to not only monitor and measure our own KPI’s, but it allows us to measure and capture our customer, client or patient data. Using secure wireless access points with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gives you a way to collect and use pinpointed location-based data. Want to know how long your customer spends in a certain location? We can tell you. Want to know how long it takes to get them from A to B? We can tell you. Want to know who is in what room? With purposeful planning and integrated business intelligence applications, we can tell you. Just let us know what you want to know and we’ll set you up to collect the data you need to make great decisions.

WiFi Installation

Wi-Fi Installation

Ever seen a device on the wall plugged into the outlet 5 feet below it? We aren’t sure if you have, but we are sure if you did it was not on a project performed by our team. With the white gloves service we provide, we will be as invisible to your operation as wifi radio frequency itself. We know that our work is meant to support your work and we take every precaution to keep your operations up and running. When we leave, we leave everything better than we found it. Unless someone really loves to look for wifi hardware, the only thing noticed from Exceed’s presence is how much better, faster and more reliably everyone can use their devices. We aren’t done until every mount is perfect, every cable is labeled and hidden, and every device is tested and secured.

WiFi as a Service

Wi-Fi as a Service

Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS) is now a real thing. “What is that?”, you ask. When you partner with a managed Wi-Fi provider, you get access to professional design, professional installation and even better, professional support. Yes, that’s right. Because technology is constantly changing and the needs of your business and facilities are dynamic, we will monitor your network 24/7 and solve problems in real time. Wireless access point not working? We’ll replace it. Construction in an area of your facility and you need an access point moved? We’ll move it. Need new capacity in a growing department, we’ll create it. A managed wifi subscription allows you to budget your network operational costs and pay them over time rather than having large, unplanned capital and operating expenses. WaaS may be just what you need to responsibly manage your network and ensure the security you need.

WiFi Consulting

Wi-Fi Consulting

Enterprise grade wireless networking is an incredibly dynamic and complex field. It’s a blend of art and science. We realize you may not always need an entirely new (design – survey – install – test – secure) wireless network solution, and we are happy to help in specific wifi network solutions as well! Maybe you only need help knowing exactly what features matter to your business and every vendor you talk to says their solution is a perfect fit? Do you have questions about data security? Do you need a managed services provider but don’t even know it? Does your IT department say they need more budget, but you aren’t sure why and you’d like another set of eyes to evaluate your needs? Our team is made up of real people who speak human and that means we carefully walk with you through the art and the science of Wifi as it relates to your real needs. We’ll guide you to buy what you need, nothing more, nothing less. We love this stuff and want you to benefit from how much we love it!

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